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Fylgjur Folder I

Fylgjur Folder I

In Norse mythology, a fylgja (plural fylgjur) is a supernatural being or spirit which accompanies a person in connection to their fate or fortune. (according to wikipedia)


The Fylgjur Folders are very personal projects. It is my take on portraying some of the import public figures and (female) rolemodels in my live, that help(ed) shape me a little. There haven’t been many real world alternatives, at least in my early years…
I have also noticed, since I am trying that instagram thing, that when it comes to portraying famous people, for the majority females are portrayed solemnly for their beauty, especially in that algorithmic niche I am hanging out. You find tons of portraits of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvadore Dalí, … which are admired for their genius…which is nothing we should change, but I am missing their female counterparts.


So I decided to do the same with the many women I admire / that inspire –  for their genius, strength, kindness, humor, wisdom, creativity, empathy…
To avoid distraction due to their beauty there is the focus on the eyes. They are watching (you)! 🙂


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink on seawhite of Brighton heavyweight cartridge paper. 59,4 x 42 cm.




April 12, 2020


penplots, Polargraphie

CMYK, drawing, ink