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Ongoing stipple series of various nebulae and star clusters of our visible universe. A combination of Acrylic and metallic gel inks on Din A3 140g black paper.
Very limited edition of 5 “originals” each. I love the uniqueness of each print caused by the various lifetime states of each pen and the climate conditions (mainly humidity) over each plot’s duration. Depending on the nebula this varies between 5-8 hrs, with 4-7 pen switches and drying and flattening out times due to the bulging of the paper in densely stippled areas.
The metallic ink also causes the drawings to vary from subtleness to intense glowing over the course of a day and their saturation changes with the viewing angle.


Van Gogh’s starry night and aboriginal art might have been a subconscious inspiration.


A few drawings are still available. Contact me if you are interested.


I have always been fascinated with space, thus the topic…


September 26, 2020


penplots, process

colour, drawing, ink, stippling