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I am DarK - Daniela Kroehnert - dot art

Daniela Kröhnert


I like to express myself on paper and in other matter. After studying architecture I knew nothing really good but a lot a little and over the years, after quitting my overtime architecture job and taking a part-time academic one, I could finally do whatever I wanted…

I think you could call me an artist with base-pay now…or a maker, or a human, or what ever label seems to fit best.

I am trying here to stand on the shoulders of giants like Chuck Close and “borrowing from/being inspired by” such as Vera Molnár, Andy Warhol, Winsor McCay, Lebbeus Woods, etc…. and all the people that taught me stuff and everyone surrounding me.

I am always trying to give proper credit, in case I messed it up somewhere let me know and I will correct it 🙂

In case you have questions, suggestions or just like to drop me a line, feel free to contact me. I am always on the lookout for new challenges!

All rights reserved. Any duplication or redistribution as a whole or in parts requires written permission of Daniela Kröhnert.


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