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Colo(u)r Fields

Colo(u)r Fields

Towards abstraction! Ongoing series of CMY/K drawings. I have been heavy on the figurative side regarding my motifs in the past and thought I change that be able to finally start taking myself more serious as an artist…so, these are somewhat abstract “algorithmic” colo(u)r studies focusing on the tension between order and randomness.


Each drawing is a grid of 2583  6 x 6 mm pixels, of which every single one is more or less filled randomly with 0 to 10 lines of each colo(u)r or black. The respective colo(u)r (Y, M, C, K), its gradient direction (X, Y), an optinal image influencing the gradient (I), each colo(u)r’s range of line densities (0 to 10), the amount of shuffling of the base gradient (J) as well as the random seed number for the shuffling (S) are indicated in the caption. Changing this seed value for each drawing makes every plot within one limited set unique.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (on some) Acrylic ink on seawhite of Brighton Bristol board 240g. Din A3 (42,0 cm x 29,7 cm).


Made with McNeel’s Rhinoceros and Grasshopper3D and drawn on a self-built Axi-Draw style Penplotter.
Oh, and the camera lens on my smartphone is horribly distorting the perfect parallel lines of the physical reality…..I might need to start looking into buying a more professional back to digitality device….


February 8, 2022



CMYK, colour, drawing, ink