Under water process |
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Under water process

Under water process

Process of Under Water, Study 2, 4 drawings on top of each other with CMYK-Acrylic Ink on 200g paper, A3.
Based on the “Death to Sharpie algorithm from Dullbits”.
After splitting the initial imagine into its CMYK Channels four different vector files are generated and each drawn with a pen starting with the lightest colour and ending with the darkest – like with normal full colour inkjet or screen printing.

Depending on the size of the drawing and the density of the scribbles each colour can take between 5 (A3) and 25 (A1) hours or even longer…small or large errors in between due to the fragile construction of the gravity assisted drawing machine produce one unique drawing each time the same code is executed.


November 27, 2016


penplots, Polargraphie, process

CMYK, deathToSharpie, drawing, ink