Under water Studies |
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Under water Studies

Under water Studies

A collection of three pieces each consisting of 4 individual drawings on top of each other with CMYK-Stabilo Fineliners on 200g paper.
Study 3 (DinA2) and 2 (DinA3) based on the “Death to Sharpie algorithm from Dullbits”, which I then later used for the final piece.
In Study 1 (DinA3) I used an earlier algorithm that splits the image into raster circles for the CMY colours and then drew the outlines of the fish with black ink.


More about the process here.


They are all still lying around somewhere, in case you are interested to see them in real life. Unfortunately the Stabilo ink is dye-based and not lightfast…meaning they need a dark spot to be hung or special glass when framed. They would also do well in a museum collection storage 😉


November 27, 2016


penplots, Polargraphie

CMYK, deathToSharpie, drawing