LIFELINES – Bees and Bugs |
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LIFELINES – Bees and Bugs

LIFELINES – Bees and Bugs

Ongoing series of several bees and bugs, each between 75-85 cm wide, in cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink. More to come in the (near) future.
The drawing pattern is meant to resemble a DNA sequencing chart…linke DNA that is composed of four different nucleobases (adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine > ATCG), the drawings are composed of equal lines in 4 different colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black > CMYK).


A whole human genome sequencing takes a bit longer than 24 hrs….that is also about the time that one of these drawings takes….if I switch pens right away after one has finished…and if I don’t scale them up, but I totally could….
Besides showing off what I can do with only 4 simple colours (and the little loyal Polargraph and of course the knowledge humans developed by screenprinting and everything that followed), I am also into exploring the intrinsic nature of the digital, quantised, sampled or rasterised forms. Every living thing can be decoded down to same little building blocks of life.


Coincidentally, Prof. Dr. Oliver Niehuis, who took the amazing photographs the drawings are based on, is also a genetic scientist
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July 2, 2016


penplots, Polargraphie

CMYK, drawing, ink