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AIL Print Weekend

AIL Print Weekend

In the course of the AIL Print Weekend I hung up one of my Polargraphs in the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory for a real-time perfomance of the little drawing robot.
In the beginning of this video you can see some short snippets of it patiently drawing…


It was my first attempt drawing a full colour image and writing an algorithm based on the standard CMYK desktop and offset printing processes in my software of choice.

Within over 80 hours the 150 + 88 cm piece, consisting out of  130.183 polygons showing the Supercomputer out of the Hitchikers Guide through the Galaxy movie, was done. It was drawn with each one Stabilo Pen 68 in Yellow, Magenta and Cyan and a Stabilo Point 88 in Black.


As the Stabilo’s ink is dye-based and therefore not lightfast I kept the piece in my private collection in a dark spot for now.


April 16, 2016


events, penplots, Polargraphie, process

CMYK, drawing, ink