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A (part of a) 3d printed Mini-Universe in Silver, White and Gold for your Christmas tree – or year-round decoration; plus a limited Edition of “glow-in-the-dark Mini-Moons”. First Edition of 100 balls is especially made for Christmas 2017.

Each planet, moon or star comes in all 3 available colours and all balls have an average diameter of 90mm.
That results in a scale of


1 : 141.733.333,3 cm for the Earth
1 : 38.622.222,2 cm for the Moon (of Earth)
1 : 75.466.666,6 cm for Mars
1 : 1.588.7111.111,1 cm for Jupiter
1 : 134.482.222,2 cm for Venus
1 : 1.777.777,7 cm for the Death Star


All are packed in an unique box with their planetary symbol, a little window and lots of information about their physical characteristics…for the real geeks out there (including me – obviously).

If you want to print your own, you can find all the files you’ll need on printables.com.

More planets and moons of our solar system are to come! Big thanks to the USGS Astrology Science Center for making all of their amazing data available to the general public!

I am also working on a “to scale” version…let me know if you have space for a 1,08 meter in diameter Jupiter and own at least an airplane hangar for an Airbus A380 to hang them! I am totally up for the challenge 🙂



December 1, 2017



3dPrinting, product